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What Does it Mean to be a Change Leader?

change leadership change management leadership professional development Jan 17, 2022
change leader, change management

In April of 2021, I published an article describing a new approach to change management. In it, I documented the number of change management jobs posted on LinkedIn, which at the time totaled 160,000. Less than a year later, more than 485,000 jobs for change management professionals are posted. That’s more than a 3x increase!

The enormous surge in demand for change management resources reinforces the high degree of uncertainty organizations are experiencing today, and the desire to provide workers with some level of stability and predictability via improved structure and process. While change management can do that via the application of frameworks, process, and tools, what it can’t do is make the people in the change management roles effective leaders.

Being an effective leader doesn’t mean you excel at using positional power, process adherence, and performance dashboards to “drive change across the enterprise”. Being an effective leader is about using your energy and influence to inspire people to change the way they think, act, and behave.  

Unfortunately, we often overestimate our capabilities as leaders, and underestimate the need for change management when making organizational changes.

The good news is that the tide is turning in terms of recognition for the benefits of change management, as evidenced by the surge in open positions across the United States. But the reality is that not everyone who understands change management is an effective, influential leader, and not all leaders understand how to leverage change management.  

As a result, most companies – almost two-thirds, according to a study done by McKinsey - continue to miss the mark when it comes to realizing and sustaining improvements from organizational changes, and even fewer capture the full financial benefits.  While a comprehensive change management approach does increase the chances for success, it does not prevent value loss, which can occur before the transformation even gets started.

Our solution to this problem? Develop change leaders at all levels in the organization.

At Apogy, we define a change leader as someone who has the knowledge, mindset, and behaviors to lead, manage, and influence organizational change. They understand how to apply change management process and theory and possess (or are the process of developing) the traits necessary for effective leadership. They also believe that with the right training, focus, and support they can learn, adapt, and grow, and use their energy and enthusiasm to empower others to believe the same.

To support individuals and organizations in their transformation efforts, Apogy has developed a Change Leader Certification Program that combines change management education with leadership development and coaching.  This experience is appropriate for executives who want to enhance their effectiveness; mid-level managers who want to take things to the next level; and, individual contributors seeking career growth and advancement.

As the saying goes, a rising tide rises all boats. With Apogy, you can maximize your investment in change management resources by ensuring more people understand how to help navigate the seas of change and prevent value leakage by equipping your change managers with the necessary skills for effective leadership.

Are you ready to reach new personal and professional heights? Become an Apogy Certified Change Leader today! 

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