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About Apogy, LLC

Apogy, LLC, is a leading provider of change management training, coaching, and consulting services.  We are committed to helping companies execute their business strategies successfully, while developing resilience and readiness for future and continuous change. 

We do this by empowering individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead change, to be changed, and to create value from change initiatives. 

Our unique approach is what sets us apart.  Apogy was founded on the premise that employee well-being is a key driver of company performance and organizational change success. We integrate proven processes, decades of hands-on experience, and evidence-based interventions to result in a holistic, human-centric approach to leading, influencing, and accelerating organizational change. 

To learn more about the Apogy difference, click here. 

Founded in 2019 by Jessica Crow, Apogy is the culmination of her desire to help organizations create environments where people love to work, and change and innovation thrive. 

Get ready to reach new heights with Apogy!

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