About Apogy, LLC

Apogy, LLC, is a boutique training and consulting company based in Denver, Colorado. We combine our professional development and consulting services with wellness training to benefit the whole person (and organization).

We believe business transformation starts at the individual level. Therefore, our mission is to make it easier for people to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to transform their lives, personally and professionally.

Our proven training and ready-to-use tools are for professionals who want to accelerate the learning process so they can more quickly convert knowledge into skill, drive change and innovation, and contribute at a higher level in their organization. 

At Apogy, we believe your well being is just as important as mastering the skills needed to do the job.

Studies prove that healthy workers are more productive, but wellness programs often focus on physical health and habits. Apogy's training, called M3: Movement, Meditation, Mindset, includes mental and emotional health for a more balanced approach to employee wellness. 

Founded in 2019, Apogy's training courses include the best, most useful information derived from decades of hands on experience, packaged into easy to consume courses. To optimize the learning experience, every course includes M3 training. 

Apogy also offers project based consulting services and virtual training solutions for organizations interested in a live learning format. 

Get ready to reach new heights with Apogy!

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