Your best choice for change management training, coaching, and consulting. 

Apogy's mission is to empower people to power change. Through targeted training, expert coaching, and strategic consulting services, we help clients get out of their own way so they can successfully change, grow, and thrive. 

Training & Certification

Rapidly learn the fundamentals of change management and the ART and Science of Change Leadership‚ĄĘ.¬†We offer¬†self-led training, corporate group training, and training with coaching to accelerate the learning process.¬†

Consulting & Workshops

With Apogy, you have options. We can determine your change management strategy, serve as a member of your project team, or facilitate strategic planning sessions to help your team align and decide on the best way forward. 

Coaching & Support

Apogy offers individual and group coaching to meet the diverse needs of its global client base. This service is ideal for Apogy's online learners, recently certified professionals, and groups preparing to implement organizational changes.  

apogy // derived from "apogee"

The highest point. The furthest distance. The apex.

Our mission is to empower people to power change. 

We teach individuals and teams how to apply change management thinking, process, and tools, so they can effectively lead workplace change and transformation.

Reach new professional heights with Apogy!

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