The ART and Science of Change Leadership™

Change Management Approach

At Apogy, we understand that change is a vehicle for strategy execution, and that your change management approach must meet the needs of your stakeholders and business situation. 

That is why our change management methodology - The ART and Science of Change Leadership is simple, scalable, and designed for every type of organizational change. 

Whether it’s a major change – such as a tech transformation, business model shift, or M&A – or a minor change – such as a new digital tool, business process, or job redesign - Apogy’s ART and Science of Change Leadership™ framework outlines what people need to change their hearts, minds, and behaviors, and what Change Leaders can do to ensure the new ways of working are accepted, adopted, and sustained over the long-term.

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The ART and Science of Change Leadership™

At Apogy, we describe the practice of change management as being both an art and a science, the combination of which results in success.


Apogy's ART Model for Individual Change

ART is an acronym for Aware, Ready, Trained, and represents the goals and outcomes for lasting individual change. The ART model guides the change strategy and planning process, and summarizes what people need to thrive in the future state. ART is the key to enabling stakeholders to accept, adopt, and sustain organizational changes, which is how we define change management success. 

ART recognizes that all change is behavior driven, and that for people to change their behavior they first need to change their hearts and minds. ART starts with raising people’s awareness and interest to get them ready for what’s coming next, while addressing any self-concerns they may have along the way. ART includes training to equip people with the right skills, and so they feel empowered to make choices and decisions that support their success, as well as the success of the change at the initiative and organization level.

Apogy's 3D Model for Organizational Change

 The Science of Change Leadership outlines the people, the processes - including Apogy’s 3D model for organizational change: Define, Design, Deploy - the tools, and techniques Change Leaders can use to help plan, implement, and sustain organizational change.

Apogy's 3D model, also known as the Change Leader’s process, is practical, tactical, and provides clear direction on what Change Leaders can do to prepare stakeholders for the transition from the old ways of working to the new. Apogy's 3D model also provides Change Leaders with the language they need to transform the conversation from being about change concepts and theories, to being about what they will specifically do to empower people to power business change.

  • Define is the first step in the process. It reminds Change Leaders to define what is changing, who will be impacted, and how success will be measured.
  • Design is the next step in the process. This is where Change Leaders design plans to coach and engage leaders, managers, sponsors, and influencers; to communicate with stakeholders; and, to train impacted end users.
  • Deploy is the last step in the process. Deploying organizational change can happen in many ways; it’s important to determine how the change will get rolled out and when, as well as the plan for collecting feedback and analyzing performance.

Once the change is fully deployed and key success metrics are achieved, Change Leaders can transition ownership to the long-term business owner. How long this takes depends on the type of change and environment in which the change is being implemented. The good news is that Apogy's 3D model can be applied iteratively or using a linear approach, depending on the needs of the business.

Want to learn more? We invite you to consider getting trained and certified in the ART and Science of Change Leadership™, and join the growing community of Apogy Certified Change Leaders, today!


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