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🎙️Change Leader Speaker Series: Meet Paul O'Keeffe, Chief Change Agent

change management consulting speaker Aug 01, 2022

Apogy is pleased to welcome Paul O’Keeffe to the Change Leader Speaker Series! Paul, who recently retired after spending 24 years as a change management consultant and managing director at Accenture, shares his story and perspective on what it’s like to be a consultant and how to grow your career from the ground up.    

Join Apogy Founder Jessica Crow as she interviews Paul about his experience and recommendations for change management practitioners who are considering a career in consulting or navigating their leadership in any role.  Paul provides practical advice that is applicable for anyone who wants to add value, develop professionally, and get recognized for their efforts and contributions. 

Highlights from the conversation include what to expect as a change management consultant working at a top tier firm; the importance of results and relationships; and tips on about career advancement and promotion. Paul is candid about his own path to Managing Director – and his story is sure to resonate with anyone who is actively seeking growth and advancement.

To listen and watch the replay, click on this link or go to Apogy's members only resource library, which also includes free resources and tools! 

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