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🎙️Change Leader Insights: Dr. Jen Frahm, Co-Founder of The Agile Change Leadership Institute

#changemanagement changeleadership coaching courage leadershipdevelopment training Jun 05, 2024
Change Leader Insights

In this episode of Change Leader Insights, Jessica Crow speaks with Dr. Jen Frahm, the co-founder of The Agile Change Leadership Institute, speaker, and three-time author, about her career journey and passion for change, the value (and importance) of change leadership, and how to lean into courage to move beyond feeling stuck.  
Jen has over 30 years of experience in change management and builds change capability in organizations through The Agile Change Leadership Institute. She is a global expert on organizational change, communication, and transformation, a tamer of ambiguity, a speaker of truths, and a solver of problems. She’s the author of Change. Leader: The changes you need to make first (2021) and Conversations of Change: A guide to workplace change (2017), and co-author of The Agile Change Playbook (2020). 

During the conversation, Jessica and Jen discussed the critical significance of change leadership in leading successful change. Change managers alone can’t implement and sustain effective change, and Jen emphasized the role leaders play and the changes they need to make to become fit to lead change. Says Jen, “You can have the best change manager in the world. You can have the best change plan, and communications [can be] absolutely brilliant. And [the change] will only succeed or fail based on the quality and caliber of the leader who is in front of you.” 
Highlights from the conversation include: 
☑️ Understanding change leadership and the pivotal role it plays in leading successful change 
☑️ How courage (to try new things and be uncomfortable) and self-compassion can propel leaders forward 

☑️ Ways to feed your curiosity as a change leader to grow your knowledge and abilities 
If you want to learn more about change leadership and how to become a leader better equipped to support and lead change, be sure to tune in and hear what Jen has to say!  
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