Innovation Elegance with Robert Synder, Founder and President

In this episode, Apogy founder Jessica Crow speaks with Robert Snyder, founder, and president of Innovation Elegance. Robert’s thirty-year career spans roles such as developer, project management, change management, sales enablement, and the performing arts. He also is the author of two soon-to-be-published books, “Innovation Elegance: Transcending Agile with Ruthlessness and Grace (2023) and “Innovation Portfolio: Five Verbs to Shape Your Team’s Legacy” (2024).  

Robert and Jessica spend time discussing his upcoming book and Elegance methodology for innovation success, what’s “wrong” with Agile and Hybrid methodologies, and the “five verbs” project leaders can follow to improve outcomes and create an environment where people and innovation thrive. Robert also shares how his experience in the performing arts helped inform the recommendations and insights included in the book, from learning how to deal with rejection, the importance of preparation, and the value of deep listening.

If you’re ready for a novel approach to project, change, and innovation excellence, do not miss this episode!