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🎨 What is the ART Framework for Individual Change?

art behavior change Aug 01, 2023
Change Management Training

Studies show that employees in high-trust companies are more productive, innovative, and engaged at work.

Recognizing the connection between trust, innovation, and change, Apogy developed it’s ART and Science of Change Leadership™ framework, which focuses on building trust by empowering people with the information, motivation, and knowledge they need to thrive.

ART stands for Aware, Ready, and Trained. It describes what people need to change their hearts, minds, and behaviors, to build trust in leadership and the organization at large, and take ownership for making the change a success.

✅ Aware means people understand what is changing, why it's needed, and how it impacts their role.

✅ Ready means people are motivated, they feel supported, and have the right mindset for change.

✅ Trained means people know how to operate in the new reality and have the knowledge and skills to be successful.

In addition to building trust, implementing ART can reduce fear and doubt related to organizational changes, leading to shorter transition periods, sustained productivity, and better benefits realization.

Source: Zak, Paul J. The Neuroscience of Trust. BHR Magazine, Jan – Feb 2017.

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