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🗝️Three Keys to Behavior Change

behavior change change management Apr 12, 2023
Change Management Training

Research shows that social connection, leading with compassion, and involving people in the process are key to successful behavior change and organizational transformations.
When co-workers feel connected, they interact differently and are more engaged. They talk through problems and solutions, bounce ideas off each other, and when they encounter helpful information, they share it. Social connectedness builds resilience, which enables employees to thrive amidst continual change.   
Leading change with compassion requires self-awareness, social awareness, patience, and persistence. It means you see the difficulty others are experiencing and do something about it. Change can be uncomfortable at first, and leaders who demonstrate caring during business transformations will see better outcomes, productivity, and loyalty from employees.  
Involving people in the process means giving stakeholders a seat at the table and a role in the planning process so they have a greater stake in the outcomes. People don’t resist change; they resist not having a choice. For the change process to be successful, employees must have a sense of ownership.
Is your organization or team preparing for a change? Remember these three keys to unlock human potential and create an environment where people are ready for and resilient to change.
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