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The Future of Workspaces

change leadership change management change readiness hybrid work Apr 13, 2022
The Future of Work

Hybrid work policies and plans continue to be top of mind for companies as we enter the second quarter of 2022. Despite the many unknowns and decisions yet to be made, it’s clear the virtual office is here to stay.

Change Leaders can help decision-makers navigate the impact of their choices by becoming familiar with the needs and expectations of workers at all levels in the organization. Analyzing the potential impact of new policies, technologies, and process changes on employees can lead to valuable insights that reduce business risk and inform future state strategies and plans.

Change Leaders can also conduct a pulse-check in collaboration with HR or any other team that spearheads employee engagement efforts. In addition to surveys and direct feedback, reviewing broader trends and industry research, like Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022, can shed light on the factors that are influencing what employees say they want and need, and why. 

Is your organization undergoing a virtual workplace transformation? Apogy offers change management training (online and group), leadership coaching, and consulting services to ensure clients get the right type of support for their unique business situation. Not sure what you need? We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation call with us today!

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