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๐ŸŽจThe ART and ๐ŸงชScience of Change Leadership

art change leadership the science of change leadership May 10, 2023
The ART and Science of Change Leadership


At Apogy, we understand that change is a vehicle for strategy execution, and that your change management approach must meet the needs of your stakeholders and business situation. 

That is why our change management methodology - The ART and Science of Change Leadership is simple, scalable, and designed for every type of organizational change. 

Whether it’s a major change – such as a digital transformation, business model shift, or M&A – or a minor change – such as a new digital tool, business process, or job redesign - Apogy’s ART and Science of Change Leadership™ framework outlines what people need to change their hearts, minds, and behaviors, and what Change Leaders can do to ensure the new ways of working are accepted, adopted, and sustained over the long-term.

To learn more about our approach to leading and influencing organizational change, go to:

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