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The ART and Science of Change Leadership

certification change leadership change management training Apr 25, 2022
Change Leaders do Change Management

Leading and guiding teams through organizational change is both an "ART" and a Science.

ART - Aware, Ready, Trained - is the framework we use to remind change leaders what people need in order to change their minds and behaviors to support change adoption at scale.

Science - describes the people, process, and tools for effective change management. The Define, Design, Deploy  process provides change leaders with a way to ensure people are aware, ready, and trained on how to change.

The combination of ART and Science leads to success. Success is when people accept, adopt, and sustain the new ways of working and behaving. 

Sustained change is the only way the value from the investment in the new system, process, or structure can be realized. Investing in change without change management simply isn't a profitable way to do business. 

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