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Poll Results: Apogy Certified Change Leader Development Program

change leadership change management coaching leadership poll professional development training Feb 24, 2022

We recently hosted a poll to get feedback on how we should structure the interactive portion of our upcoming Apogy Certified Change Leader development program launching this Spring.

Thanks to your valuable input, the experience will include the following:

☑️ Lifetime access to Apogy’s revamped Change Leader certification course (coming soon!) so you can confidently and compassionately lead organizational change and transformation

☑️ Four group calls with your learning cohort to help grow your professional network, gain new perspectives, and collaborate on real-life business problems and opportunities

☑️ Four individual coaching calls to help you develop as a leader so you can raise your level of influence and contribute at a higher level to your organization’s performance  

☑️ Values assessment to help you better understand what drives and motivates you, and how to use the results to improve your decision-making, effectiveness, and overall quality of life

☑️ Well-being education and support, including a self-assessment to identify imbalance, ways to reduce stress and improve executive functioning, guided meditations, and more!

The first cohort (11 spots left!) will be led by Apogy Founder Jessica Crow. Jessica has 20 years of experience guiding teams and companies through change, disruptions, and enterprise transformations. Her background spans industries and roles, including strategy, operations, information technology, sales, communications, marketing, and of course, change management.

Jessica is trained in coaching skills through Denver University and uses a co-active approach to coach clients in the areas of change, leadership, and career development.

Jessica also is a certified yoga instructor and well-being advocate whose own experience with burnout led her to explore the impact of stress on human behavior, workplace culture, and performance.

Apogy’s training reflects this understanding and aligns with our mission to develop change leaders at all levels in the organization and create resilient, adaptive cultures where both people and profits can thrive.  

Interested in learning more? Please email us at [email protected]

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