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🚀New Program Launch! Apogy Change Leader Training & Certification Program

certification change leader change management training Jun 15, 2022
New Change Management Training Program

On Wednesday, June 15th, Apogy launched its expanded and enhanced Change Leader training and certification course, which includes dozens of tools, downloads, and resources you can use to prepare for and implement organizational change and innovation.  

Enhancements to the program include: 

  • More content and focus on the leadership traits and competencies you need to be successful in today's hybrid and distributed work environment
  • More evidence-based strategies and tools to accelerate stakeholder behavior change, improve organizational agility, and develop resilience
  • New measures and metrics for evaluating change process and outcome success

What's NOT changing:

  • Apogy's proven methodology and frameworks for leading and influencing organizational change (the ART and Science of Change Leadership)
  • Lifetime access to Apogy's course, resources, and easy-to-use tools that reinforce the Change Leader's process: Define, Design, Deploy
  • Our focus well-being as a key driver of individual and organizational performance (the course includes contemplative practices and interventions to improve learner retention and training effectiveness)

Apogy's change management training and certification can be experienced multiple ways: as a self-led training program, with strategic coaching and advising, or as a group training. Through July 15, 2022, we're offering a discount off the course ($150) and coaching packages ($300). 

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