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🎙️Change Leader Speaker Series: Meet Tessa Vlaanderen, Dillon Consulting

certification change leadership change management speaker series Oct 25, 2022

In this Change Leader Speaker Series interview, Apogy Founder Jessica Crow talks with Tessa Vlaanderen, who is an Associate and National Circular Economy Lead with Dillon Consulting Limited. 

Tessa, who recently completed Apogy's Change Leader Development Program, explains how her role, and focus on advancing a circular economy - which is design-driven framework for solving global problems like climate change, waste, and pollution - required her to think differently about her approach to leading the change both internally and with clients. 

While there are examples of circular economies today (manufacturing, waste, reuse), Tessa explains that the transition to a #circulareconomy is challenging because of the work that still needs to be done to prove the concept at scale. She also recognized there wasn't anyone focused on helping people process the need for the change itself, which was a roadblock to her making progress. 

Tessa took it upon herself to learn more about change management and how to leverage the thinking and frameworks offered in Apogy's program to produce a different outcome. During this engaging conversation, Tessa shares how her change management knowledge and skills have helped her collaborate with clients and colleagues to discover, map, and pave the roads to a circular future. 

As a Certified Change Leader, Tessa is better prepared for the road ahead, which in many ways is a journey into the unknown. Thank you, Tessa, for sharing your incredible story with us! 

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