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🎙️Change Leader Speaker Series: Meet Leia McKinnon, TiER1 Performance Solutions

agile change management speaker series Aug 15, 2022

Apogy is pleased to welcome Leia McKinnon, Regional Managing Director, and Principal Consultant with TiER1 Performance Solutions, to the Change Leader Speaker Series! 

Leia, who has been leading change and enabling clients to successfully tackle their most challenging business problems for more than 20 years, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the conversation, which covers multiple topics that are top of mind for change leaders today!

Join Apogy Founder Jessica Crow as she interviews Leia about her background and interest in change management, her thoughts on how to successfully lead change in an Agile environment, skills adjacent to the practice worth learning, and so much more!

Highlights from the conversation include how to think about Agile Change Management; tips on how to connect and support stakeholders through continuous waves of change; and the importance of embedding change strategies and tactics into the “moments that matter”.

If you lead or aspire to lead organizational change - you don’t want to miss this informative, thought-provoking conversation! 

Thank you, Leia, for your time and expertise! To watch the interview, click here.

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