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🎙️Change Leader Speaker Series: Meet Jasmine Kirby, MSc, CCMP, Consultant

change leadership speaker series Nov 07, 2022

In this Change Leader Speaker Series interview, Apogy Founder Jessica Crow talks with Jasmine Kirby, Senior Program Manager with VSP Vision Care, MSc, CCMP, and the founder of Supernova Consulting!

In this interview, Jessica and Jasmine discuss the role of middle management in the context of organizational change, and how to best leverage the people in this important (and powerful!) position within a company.

Highlights from this conversation include the importance of equipping leaders "in the middle" with the right knowledge and skills to be successful leading change; critical skills managers should focus on developing to maximize their effectiveness; best practices for involving middle management in the change process (spoiler alert: do it sooner!); and how casting a clear vision and message accelerates buy-in.

Thank you, Jasmine, for sharing your insights and recommendations with us!

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