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Change Leader Speaker Series - Ashley and Alicia with Exhale Wellness at Work

change leadership change management change readiness well-being wellbeingatwork Feb 16, 2022
Change Leader Speaker Series

In the latest Change Leader interview, Apogy Founder Jessica Crow talks with Ashley Daidone and Alicia Rae Parks, co-founders of Exhale Wellness at Work, a wellness solutions company, about their business and mission, the importance of wellness in the workplace, and the impact of stress on people, productivity, and readiness for change.  

Ashley and Alicia created Exhale together with the intention to provide easily accessible, lifestyle-based wellness solutions for companies and the people who work within them.

During the conversation, they explain common misconceptions about wellness in the workplace; the link between wellness, change, and business outcomes; and, what to expect in terms of return on investment when wellness is embraced at the organization level.

Apogy was founded on the premise that employee well-being is key to delivering business results. We commend Ashley and Alicia for creating a solution that makes wellness at work more accessible than ever before.

You can watch the interview on Apogy's YouTube channel or view it within Apogy’s members only resource library, which also includes FREE tools for subscribers!

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