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🎙️Change Leader Insights: Lesley Mattson, VP, Peloton Consulting Group

change leader insights digital transformation May 22, 2023
Change Leader Insights

In this episode, Apogy founder Jessica Crow speaks with Lesley Mattson, Vice President, Peloton Consulting Group. Lesley specializes in facilitating successful digital transformation programs within organizations by aligning and preparing employees for process, technology, and organizational changes. As the head of Peloton's Enterprise Change Management practice, she serves as a vital link between functional and technical resources, ensuring smooth implementations that meet current requirements while allowing for future scalability.

Tune in and listen as Jessica and Lesley discuss change management trends and opportunities related to digital transformations, including when to include change management in the project, how to leverage change agent networks to accelerate change adoption, common client fears and concerns, the importance of empathy during technology change, and communication tips and best practices. If you lead or support technology implementations, be sure to check out this conversation and learn from a top leader in the change management industry!

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