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🎙️Change Leader Insights: Kristoffer Carter, CEO, Author, Spiritual Teacher

change leader conscious leadership mindfulness Mar 13, 2024
Change Leader Insights

Carter, CEO and founder of Epic Leadership, a training organization for conscious leadership, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands.

In addition to serving as CEO, Kristoffer is the author of "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership", which guides his team’s coaching of Fortune 100 executive leaders at Amazon, AT&T, eXp Realty, Edward Jones, and many more. He is also a professional songwriter, TEDx speaker, and international retreat leader. Kristoffer lives in Akron, OH with his wife of 24 years and their three children.

Tune in as Jessica and Kristoffer deep dive insights from his book, which explores how people relate to change, what we can do to improve our response to it, and how we can help others do the same by granting ourselves one of the 4 Permissions™, which include Permission to Chill, Permission to Feel all the Feels, Permission to Glow in the Dark, and Permission to Glow in the Light.

Highlights from the conversation include:

☑️ The impact of stress on leaders and teams, and solutions to lower stress levels
☑️ The pitfalls of micromanagement and how to make more conscious leadership choices, and
☑️ The seven most powerful words in leadership and business

If you would like to better understand your response to change in the workplace and learn how to improve your leadership style and approach, listen in, and be prepared to take notes – this episode is full of insights and ah-ha moments!

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