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🎙️Change Leader Insights: Ket Patel, Founder, Change Agitators, and Master Change Practitioner

career change leadership change management Apr 17, 2024
Change Leader Insights

In this episode of Change Leader Insights, Jessica Crow speaks with Ket Patel, the Founder of Change Agitators and Change Management Institute Accredited Master Change Practitioner, about why change management is a career path worth pursuing and how to develop confidence as a change practitioner.

Ket, who has over 20 years’ experience working with small to medium size organizations as they look to scale, grow, and modernize their businesses, is also a passionate volunteer within the field of change management. In addition to leading the UK Change Management Institute for several years, Ket has set up a not-for-profit, Change Reactions, to support new entrants into the field of organizational change.

During the conversation, Jessica and Ket discuss how many change practitioners “end up in change management” versus pursuing it as a career path, what he’s doing to help change this storyline, and why this will benefit organizations in the long run. Says Ket, “everyone I speak to says it took 10 years to find this role; why is that, and what have we lost out on as a result of all the people that never found this role that would be really good at it?”

Highlights from the conversation include:

  • Why low rates of adoption persist, despite decades of change management research
  • The link between mindfulness, resilience, self-reflection and change management
  • How purpose and goals can positively transform people’s perception of change

If you’ve ever considered a career in change management and/or want fresh ideas on how to approach leading change, be sure to tune in and hear what Ket has to say!

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