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🎙️Change Leader Insights: Anthony Casablanca, GriefLeaders

change leader insights grief and change Mar 20, 2023
Change Leader Insights

In this episode, Apogy founder Jessica Crow speaks with Anthony Casablanca, author, speaker, and accomplished senior executive. Anthony spent most of his leadership career in the funeral services industry, including for Batesville Casket Company. He later went on to become president of another subsidiary of the Hillenbrand family of companies, from which he later retired.

Over his career, Anthony successfully led cultural and transformational change initiatives. Through these experiences, Anthony learned about the emotional impact change has on people, and what leadership and cultural elements need to be in place to ensure change efforts are successful. In 2019, Anthony and his brother Guy, a dually licensed funeral director, co-authored “The Dying Art of Leadership” and launched their leadership training company, GriefLeaders™, to help organizations identify the “elephant in the room of change” and change how change is implemented. 

If you are curious about the impact of grief and loss on organizational change, be sure to check out this conversation between Jessica and Anthony!

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