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Change Framework Series: Part Seven

frameworks success Oct 11, 2021

In Part Seven of our Frameworks Series, we discuss how to evaluate change performance at the individual and organization levels. So far, we’ve discussed Apogy’s guiding principles for effective change leadership, and the step-by-step process and tools practitioners can use to help ensure impacted stakeholders are aware, ready, and trained on how to change. (To learn more about Apogy’s ART model for individual change discussed in Part Three, click here).

Measuring performance at the individual level includes assessing stakeholder awareness and readiness for the change, and whether the training provided resulted in the right knowledge and behaviors to perform in the new environment. Apogy trained change leaders collect end user insights before, during, and after the change has been implemented to ensure the right interventions can be made, when needed.

Change leaders evaluate performance at the organization level by collecting and analyzing end user satisfaction, adoption, and engagement with the change (whether it’s a change in process, tool, or structure). Proficiency can also be important, depending on the type of change, and any other metrics determined to be within the change leader’s scope of influence.

Apogy trained change leaders celebrate success when key milestones are reached, as well as “failures”. By embracing the inevitable bumps in the road, change leaders can build resilience into the rollout and build healthy, adaptive cultures where both people and profits thrive. 

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