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Change Framework Series: Part Five

frameworks success Aug 23, 2021

In Part Five of our Frameworks Series, we describe the definition of success and explain the role change leaders play in helping employees accept, adopt and sustain change.

Taking the time to clearly articulate and communicate details of the change; strategically partnering with sponsors and influencers to build momentum, and ensuring employees understand how to work and behave in the new environment are key change leader responsibilities that also serve as the foundation for success.

When thinking about how to achieve success with your next project or initiative, consider the following:

  •  Does everyone understand the why behind the change; do they have the right mindset (adaptive, flexible, resilient)?
  • How could you better support stakeholders who are experiencing new challenges; is it as simple as checking in, or could they benefit from additional training and coaching?
  • Does the change have active and visible executive support (sponsorship); who else has influence within the team/company that could help bolster adoption rates? 

Change leaders begin with the end in mind. By incorporating Apogy’s success framework into your management strategy and plans, you can expect smoother transitions with willing stakeholders who are ready to support the project, program, or initiative from start to finish.

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