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Bridging the Gaps Through Change Leadership

change leader May 29, 2024
Monthly Message

When I started Apogy in 2019, I wanted to help people and their workplaces experience positive, lasting change. As someone who had benefited from specialized training and coaching, I understood first-hand how transformative and impactful these services can be.

I also recognized that positive, lasting change doesn’t happen by luck. Employee motivation, fulfillment, and adaptability are directly impacted by a company’s culture and norms. Toxic environments, siloed work, and poorly executed changes inherently lead to low employee morale and productivity, and in these environments, changes also don’t stick.

When individuals don’t have the skills to support their well-being at work, it’s even more challenging for organizations to create and sustain resilient and adaptable cultures. When I left the corporate world, I worked with a life coach who helped me improve my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and I began to see how it was all connected.

I envisioned a future in which we empower leaders through a combination of leadership development, well-being strategies, and change management techniques. This powerful dynamic of personal and professional skill sets is what has the power to help people not only change the trajectory of their careers but has the power to improve their personal lives as well.

Apogy loves helping change leaders thrive and organizations experience long-lasting change results. If you’re interested in 1:1 or group coaching with me, please feel free to reach out. Let’s thrive together!


Jessica Crow
Founder, Apogy

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