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🧠 Assemble a Powerhouse Project Team

change management project management project team Feb 07, 2023
Powerhouse Project Team

Are you looking to set up a project team to lead your organization through a change? Setting up the right roles and responsibilities is key to successful project delivery.

Here's a breakdown of the main roles for a *powerhouse project team*:

Primary Sponsor: The Primary Sponsor is an executive within the business who is accountable for the success of the project. They made the final decision to invest or move forward with the change. The Primary Sponsor is not a day-to-day project team member. They intervene when needed, help remove barriers, and communicate the vision for the change.

Business Owner: The Business Owner is the person on the project who understands the vision better than anyone else and drives towards that vision with clarity and authority. They are actively involved in the day-to-day work, make key decisions, and are responsible for ensuring that the project delivers the desired business outcomes.   

Project Manager: The Project Manager is responsible for planning, executing, and controlling the project. They are responsible for keeping the project on track and ensuring that it is delivered on time and within budget. They help manage expectations and ensure transparent communication across the project team via status updates and collaboration calls.

Change Manager: The Change Manager is responsible for facilitating the adoption of the change in the organization. They understand that all change must go through people to get implemented, and use their skills to connect, communicate, and collaborate with end users to ensure they are aware, ready, and trained, so they can accept, adopt, and sustain the new ways of working and behaving.

Change Influencer: The Change Influencer is someone with specialized knowledge or skills who understands the current state better than anyone else. They provide the project team with their expertise and help to ensure that gaps in process or understanding are surfaced and addressed during the transition to the future state. They play a key role in advocating for the change with end users and training them on how to be successful in the new environment.

*Workstream Lead: The Workstream Lead is responsible for managing a specific area or aspect of the project. They are responsible for coordinating the activities within their lane and ensuring their contributions or work product is delivered on time, and as expected.  *There can be many Workstream Leads, it just depends on the type of change being implemented.

With the right roles and responsibilities in place, you can ensure that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

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