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Ask Jess: What Are the Most Important Considerations When Selecting a Training Provider?

ask jess Aug 02, 2021

("Ask Jess" is a monthly column featuring questions from actual clients.)

Dear Jess,

My company is interested in change management training. We want to upskill team leaders who are responsible for executing on key business initiatives. Currently, there is limited coordination across departments when it comes to rolling out change and we lack a consistent approach. Employees are overwhelmed and unclear how to prioritize, and we’re not getting the results we want. We want to get everyone on the same page when it comes to leading change. What are the most important criteria to consider when selecting a training provider?


Prepared to Partner


Dear Prepared to Partner,

When it comes to change management training, you have a lot of great options. Almost every provider will share proven change frameworks and tools, so I recommend focusing on how the training is delivered and supported. Cost may be a factor too, depending on how many people you want to train. What you want to avoid is investing in professional development, only to have employees quickly forget what they’ve learned or be unable to apply it back in the workplace.

Today’s busy professional needs flexibility and support. This means having options in terms of when, where, and how they get trained. For some, live training is best. It ensures a captive audience, but it also requires valuable time away from work. For others, on-demand programs are better. Participants can spread the training out over time, which has been proven to improve retention and comprehension, but it also requires high personal accountability.

It’s also important to consider how participants are supported after the training is over, when they are attempting to implement what they’ve learned in the workplace. Do they have access to a coach or consultant who can answer questions, strategize, or provide targeted feedback? This is a critical and often overlooked aspect of professional development. Personalized support can transform the process of getting trained into the achievement of getting results.   

The cost of training will vary depending on the provider and their mode of delivery, which can influence who and how many employees get trained upfront. If price is a factor, think through the business needs and expectations post training. For example, will participants be required to use their newfound knowledge on an upcoming project, or take what they’ve learned and improve internal processes? Is the training required for their job role, or is the investment in their professional development part of a company-wide employee benefits program?

Your answers to these questions, combined with the learning styles and support preferences of your team, will help you determine which outside provider to choose for change management training and certification. If you still have questions, Apogy offers a free, 30-minute consult call to ensure our training model and approach is the right fit for you and your company’s needs.

Bottom line, professional development is a priority for many workers in today’s ever-changing business environment. Not only does your decision send a powerful message to employees, but it puts you on the path to helping create a culture where both people and profits can thrive.


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