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Apogy Offers a New Approach to Change Management

change leadership change management change readiness press release professional development wellbeing Mar 29, 2021
change management

Employee Well-Being is a Strategy for Change Initiative Success

Denver, CO (March 29, 2021) – Apogy, a change management training and consulting firm, today announced the launch of a new change management certification program focused on helping organizations accelerate business transformation and create healthy, adaptive cultures by addressing two common barriers to change, employee stress and well-being.

“Stress is a major reason why employees resist change,” said Jess Crow, Apogy founder and lead consultant. “Stress is hard on both employees and organizations. The good news is that there are actionable strategies companies can implement as part of their change management plans to produce positive results. Change leaders, who already are focused on helping people accept, adopt, and sustain change, are perfectly positioned to help execute on these strategies and it starts with incorporating well-being concepts and tools into their practice.”

According to a recent CEO survey, mental health and well-being are top priorities for organizations as employees continue to navigate the ongoing health, economic, social, and environmental crises. Apogy’s Change Leadership Coaching and Certification program combines industry research and proven experience with an evidence-based approach to help employees reduce stress and refocus their energy, so they adapt and respond well to change.

“Change management requires more than understanding the individual change journey and using process and tools to guide employees through the transition,” said Crow. “Leaders and managers need different strategies and tactics to help employees reset, recharge, and build resilience. At the organizational level, prioritization and planning activities must evolve to include well-being as a risk factor. Skill development will be critical for success.” 

A study done by one of the largest online learning platforms in the world identified change management as an essential business skill for leaders and managers in the age of digital transformation and rapid, ongoing change.

Danielle Miller, operations and change management with DaVita, participated in Apogy’s change leadership coaching program immediately after being hired by the company. Miller also received training from another provider of change management solutions, and had this to say about her experience with Apogy:

“Apogy's change leadership coaching and certification program was thoughtfully structured, deeply engaging, and took an approach that is unseen in today's traditional continuing education programs,” said Miller.  “Apogy prepared me to not only understand and plan for the changes occurring within our organization but informed the approach I used to support employee well-being – mine included.”

Apogy’s Change Leadership Coaching and Certification program can be completed online, with or without professional coaching. The training is 100% virtual, giving learners more control over when and where they learn, and is delivered in short, topic-specific modules to improve knowledge transfer. The course plus coaching option includes weekly one-on-one calls with Apogy Founder Jess Crow (space is limited) to reinforce the learning process, and help participants build confidence as they practice applying the information in real-time.

“Working with Jess was the point of differentiation,” added Miller. “Her ability to deeply listen, question, and grasp the change, and then coach from a place of invaluable expertise, was instrumental in my success as well as the success of our organization's change initiatives.”

Apogy also is a strong choice for undergraduate students preparing to enter the workforce, and recent grads. Last year Apogy partnered with the University of Colorado, providing training for students with internships impacted by the pandemic in exchange for feedback.     

"Apogy's training was a great introduction to change management,” said Emma Pearson, an undergraduate student in the Leeds School of Business and VP of development for the Leeds Consulting Group. “It provided knowledge on the topic in a very succinct and engaging way. I am confident I can bring these skills into my future career and as a result, successfully enact change in the workplace."

Apogy offers online certification courses, one-on-one coaching, group training, and project-based consulting. For more information, email [email protected] or call 720-675-9813.

About Us
Apogy ( is a change management training and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies improve their strategic execution and transform the employee experience.  We do this by empowering individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to successfully lead change, develop organizational resilience, and create value from change initiatives.

Apogy was founded on the premise that employee well-being is key to delivering business results. We integrate scientifically proven modalities and tools into our approach to help employees decrease stress, increase resilience, and develop a growth-mindset, all of which are necessary for business change and innovation to succeed.

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