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✅ Adapting to Change: Five Tips to Help Your Team Develop Resilience

change influencer change leader resilience Mar 02, 2023

As Change Leaders, it is important to understand the importance of resilience and how to foster it in the workplace. 

Tip 1: Make it safe to try and fail

Tip 2: Acknowledge the challenges

Tip 3: Explain "Why"

Tip 4: Encourage resilient behaviors

Tip 5: Co-create the plan to change

These five tips are simple in concept, difficult in practice. To begin, leaders must examine their own resilience and be aware of what behaviors they model to their team and peers. For example:

❓When a deadline looms or the goal line changes, what happens to your tolerance for mistakes or delays?

❓Are you so focused on achieving outcomes that you forget to acknowledge and plan for the challenges change brings?

❓Do you see the benefits so clearly that you neglect to explain the reasons the change was needed in the first place?

❓Do you take time to recharge in between projects, or do you take pride in the relentless pace you set for yourself and others?

❓Is power and authority based on position, or does your organization embrace a distributed leadership model to influence and advance change goals?

If you resonate more with the statements above than the tips provided, it may be time to rethink your approach so you can build resilience - not resentment - to organizational change.

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